Another #GirlsClub Generation In The Books

Thirty minutes ago we closed our 90-person zoom #GirlsClub Generation 2 Finale Celebration. 

I’m incredibly proud of the work the women and men did this year in our 6-month virtual cohort, scan below for some incredible stats, standouts, and spotlights. But in the spirit of Authenticity (one of our core values), I’m going to take a moment and just feel proud… of myself. Damn, this is hard to type!

As Program Director, Angela Salazar, and I did a post-finale debrief, she encouraged me to take my moment and really sit in the knowing that we created something amazing. Today I’m celebrating having made a vision, a reality, and helping change over 100 women’s careers – their lives!

We are making a difference. I’m humbled. I’m grateful for the support of our sponsors, thought leaders, mentors, advocates, and allies. And I’m experiencing a little disbelief that in two years we have grown so fast and so far (we have over 400 people and 18 countries registered for Summer Camp!). It’s easier to revel in our mistakes and failures. Today I’m reveling in success. It feels amazing.

NOW, on to the good part. 🙂 Please join me in congratulating:

  1. Paige Adams, Generation 2 “Protege of the Year”
  2. Michelle Brown, Chorus “Call Coaching Award Winner”
  3. Richie Narain, Generation 2 “Advocate of the Year”
  4. Jill Bruno, “Factor 8 Above and Beyond Winner”
  5. Amyra Rand, “Mentor of the Year”
  6. Katie Ray, “BombBomb Bravery Award Winner”
  7. Elena Hesse, Generation 2 “Thought Leader of the Year”
  8. Darin Dawson, Generation 2 “Ally of the Year”

Behind these 8 winners are 40 nominees and over 150 dedicated participants acting as our cohort’s mentors, internal advocates, allies, thought leaders and, of course, sponsors.

Our 2020 Title Sponsors are Chorus and Factor 8. They wrote checks that allowed this program to happen. They’ve sponsored women to participate in the program, donated software and IP, and lent experts to act as Thought Leaders.

More thanks to Ambition and Gong who have been with us since the very beginning. Like, before we had a website kind of support. Thank you, Hana Elliott and Udi Ledergor.

And this year’s stand out new sponsor, BombBomb who not only wrote a check and lent an incredible speaker Alicia Berutti, but who’s President and Founder also acted as a mentor AND donated a free license to all participants (I LOVE my video messaging tool!) 

Vari, ProActivate, WomenSalesPros, Bravado, MixMax, and Bizzabo all supported us with promotion, services, time, expertise, thought leadership, software platforms, and scholarships for deserving women. Thank you!

More great news:

90% of our participants in Generation 2 would recommend #GirlsClub to a friend (and already have!!).

Top 3 favorite parts of the program: 
  1. Live training from Factor 8 on Management Skills 
  2. e-Learning from Factor 8 on The Sales Bar
  3. Live confidence-building sessions from our Thought Leaders.
Favorite course:

The COACHN model for management meetings!

Favorite confidence booster:

The Rise Up on Record confessionals from brave women admitting failures and fears thereby helping us squash perfectionism and get ready for more risk-taking.

And my favorite stats:

67% of our proteges have taken on additional responsibilities since starting 6 months ago, and

23 women have received promotions (so far)!

INCREDIBLE! Trust me when I say, we’re…




If you know someone who could benefit from the #GirlsClub community or our Generation 3 cohort, send them to Applications for Generation 3 open September 1st. Want to be the first to know when registration opens? Join here:

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See you there!