#GirlsClub Summer Camp: July Recap

Month 1 of Summer Camp is in the books! If you’re new here, Summer Camp is #GirlsClub’s free 3-month sample of our program and an extension for our Generation 2 graduates who lost the chance to connect with their co-participants and mentors at our in-person finale conference.

(now pushed to 2021 with tickets available now!).

So we opened enrollment with the help of our sponsor LevelEleven by Ascent Cloud and, holy COW, did we get enrollment. Our 50-person cohort jumped to over 400. And we added 15 new countries (and a few timezone challenges).

Like our 6-month certification program, each month of Summer Camp includes sales management skill training, confidence building sessions, live thought leader sessions, and networking.  

Our management skill this month was “Own Your Day”, a custom time-management, prioritization, and delegation training for busy sales managers. This was a crowd favorite from Generation 1 and 2 graduates, so we repeated it for Summer Camp – but with a twist. In addition to the interactive e-learning in The Sales Bar and activities to do back on the job, our live training session was led by three aspiring sales gurus and Generation 2 graduates, Katie Ray, Priya V, and Lindsay Dentico . With over 100 attendees, they did an awesome job of getting feedback, comments, and interaction from our crowd. Participants also received our rep-version of the course for their teams (or themselves, for our active sellers and aspiring leaders).

Our live thought leader session was led by the fabulous #GirlsClub thought leader Jenna Jehowski. The course, Create Energy and Generate Success, helps you discover your energetic style and how it impacts your effectiveness as a leader. 

For networking this month, we onboarded the crew to our private Slack channel where we quickly found incredible intros, old friends, and lots of awesome sub groups – by role, by location, and by industry. Incredible to see the caliber of women in this group.

July also boasted a great bonus-content opportunity for #GirlsClub and our extended community. Our public webinar on “Having Difficult Conversations” had over 400 attendees. Using the Factor 8 COACHN model as a base, our incredible panelists brought best practices, a few horror stories, and even a rocking roleplay example of how it’s done. Thank you to:

Shianne Sampson, VP of Sales & Customer Experience at PetDesk in San Diego 

Wendy Mitchell-Covington, National Vice President of Sales Success at TriNet

Brenda Roper, VP, Global Sales Enablement at Thomson Reuters based in Minneapolis

Natalie Severino is the VP of Marketing for our 

We loved the tips and insights – check out the replay or the follow-up Q&A our panel provided!

Finally, we kicked off our networking pods. What’s that you ask? Here’s the scoop. With over 400 participants, we had a massive mentor shortage. In our full certification program, each “protege” is paired with a high-performing sales leader mentor. Mentors have between 3 and 15 years of experience leading sales teams and work in a different company. Truly the heart of our program, for many it’s the first time they’ve talked with a high-ranking female in sales. Yes, we have incredible male mentors as well, but I’ll tell you the women go FAST! 

With the goal of helping all levels of #GirlsClub expand their network and make true connections, we assigned multiple proteges and mentors to pods of around seven. A mini “mastermind group”, our pods afford a more intimate setting where ladies will get to know each other, discuss content, and bring their challenges. With over 50 active pods, we have women building networks across 10 time zones! 

HUGE thank you to our SummerCamp sponsor LevelEleven for making this possible, and our Generation two sponsors Chorus, Factor 8, Ambition, BombBomb, Vari, Bravado, and more!

LevelEleven Sponsors #GirlsClub Scholarship

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September 15, 2020 at 8:00 pm
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