Raising Your Social Status with Vengreso

Lauren Bailey sits down with Viveka von Rosen of Vengreso to talk LinkedIn. They discuss how you can get noticed on social media, how to expand your network, and how you can help your colleagues raise their social statuses too!

Building Your Bench Strength

We’ve gathered a panel of experts from across the spectrum of sales leadership – from a professional recruiter to a CEO. Together we’ll discover why building your bench is so important to your bottom line and how you can get noticed as a leader-in-the-making.

Know Your Strengths – Reading Your PI Results

Have you taken a Predictive Index assessment? Let’s get the most out of your results! We’ve called upon Steve Caldwell from Manager Mojo to help you decipher your PI graphs and interpret what all that means for your professional career!

Introducing Ambition, an Official #GirlsClub Sponsor

Ambition integrates with your CRM to keep track of all that stuff for you. From gauging your reps’ efficiency to literal Fantasy Football-style competitions, this platform has everything you didn’t know you needed to keep your team engaged, excited, and performing efficiently.

Introducing ProActivate, an Official #GirlsClub Sponsor

ProActivate is a talent acquisition firm that specializes in ensuring sales companies (and ONLY sales) have a bench filled with some of the best talent available. They partner with sales leaders globally to boost and protect their revenue by fostering fruitful talent acquisition and developing current employees to reach their full potential.

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