Top 5 Reasons To Attend Rise Up 2019

Rise Up is an intimate two day event designed for the individual that wants more, that believes in a better tomorrow and values empowering others. Our amazing lineup of speakers will inspire you to re-think what is possible, challenge you to grow, and give you the actionable steps to help you become a better sales leader.

Do you have the courage to say yes?

Before I get to the top 5 reasons that you should attend Rise Up, I want to put up a little bit of a warning label. If you’re not ready to focus on your self-development or if that’s not something you feel comfortable prioritizing or don’t want to prioritize, you might want to go ahead and just stop now. Don’t get me wrong, That is something that’s really hard to do, I know firsthand, It’s likely that you got into sales leadership because you really like supporting other people, you really like empowering others, and you find happiness in ways that mean that you’re taking a back seat to give others have what they need, right?

For my mom’s out there you know what I’m talking about. You look after your family, you look after your kids, you make sure they are taken care of, and sometimes it’s to our own detriment. I encourage you, if you’re still reading, that in order this to even matter, you have to be willing to make the investment in yourself. In order to better serve others you have to first take care of yourself. Now, I cant wait to tell you why I think you should be at Rise Up!

Build An Amazing Network

One of the best things about this conference is the people that are going to be there. It’s going to be an intimate gathering – we are capping this at 200 people. There will be a wide range of levels, anywhere from individual contributor all the way up to C-level executives. And, because the intimacy of this event, you have a chance to have one-on-one conversations, to find women that are inspiring and ahead of you in your career, or maybe at the same level as you and build at your network. Let’s face it, most of you are probably sitting on a sales floor where maybe you are the only female sales rep, the only female sales manager, or the only female executive at that table.  Whatever it is, chances are, that you may have to go outside of your company to build up this community and that’s what we want to give you at #GirlsClub.

Learn What It Means To Be A Modern Sales Leader

#GirlsClub got its start in sales. At the core we are about getting more women in sales and sales leaderships. So, of course, we are going to have tracks that are all about what does it mean to be a modern sales leader. How do we go about redefining what a modern sales professional looks like? Also, how you as a sales leader can support that and enable your team. We’re really excited for these!

Identify Self-Sabotage And What You Can Do To Stop It 

We’re also going to have talks on self-development, including self-sabotage.  We’re all guilty of this. We don’t do this on purpose. Gosh! Who would? That seems just so silly! Nobody in their right mind would ever intentionally sabotage their career. But I’m guessing you’re probably sitting there, you might be nodding your head a little bit because you might be able to think of a time when you un-intentionally set yourself back, right? Maybe you’ve ever had that thought “If I just work hard enough somebody is going to notice?” That’s self-sabotage.

One of our talks will address the topic of the wage gap and how we accidentally play into that. We will give you things you can do to help close it up. We are also going to talk about how you can be in a room and own it when you’re maybe the most junior titled or you just not even sure you should be there. Either way, we’ve got our ways to identify when you might be sabotaging yourself and things you could do to stop doing that.

Take Your Confidence Up A Notch

This whole conference, every single session, is about giving you actionable steps that you can take away and do something with it. We want to arm you with information. We want you to feel that you know what it takes to move up, to move forward, to capture or do the thing you want to get done. So, this is about building your confidence or reinforcing the confidence that you already have.

You’re Making A Difference 

The last thing we want to talk about is about change. You being here is an integral part of making a difference. #GirlsClub is set out to transform the face of sales and sales leadership. We want to see more women and by being at this conference, not only are we going to have talks about things that you can do, whether it’s within your team, whether it’s within your sales organization maybe your greater company or gosh! Maybe your community! Right? Big or small it doesn’t matter, but it’s about making a difference, it’s about being part of the change, it’s about moving things forward in a positive direction.

See You There!

We hope that you make the choice this year to invest in you.

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