What Women Want…At Work

Our panel of experts will share actionable tips to attract, retain and promote women in the workplace. We’ll show you how to identify what may be working against your diversity goals, providing advice on refining your practices to be more inclusive, and sharing some shocking insights we’ve gathered from 100s of high-performing women in the industry.

We’ll also talk with organizational leaders who are doing it right and giving you the tricks on how to do the same. This is where the “talking about it” stops, and the “doing something about it” starts!

Our Speakers

Lori Richardson
Founder, Women Sales Pros

Amyra Rand
Vice President of Sales & Strategic Partnerships, Criteria Corp

Margaret Weniger
Executive Director, #GirlsClub

Cynthia Barnes
CEO of National Association of Women Sales Professionals

Max Altschuler
VP of Marketing at Outreach

Udi Ledergor
VP of Marketing at Gong.io

Rebekah Brewer
Utah Women in Sales