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Our Community


Are you an aspiring Inside Sales Manager? Or, a new manager who’s looking to improve upon your skills? #GirlsClub is the training and mentoring community for you.


Men and women working 1:1 with Protégées during the training program. Mentors have 5+ years of leadership experience.

Thought Leader

The next generation of aspiring women need you. As a Thought Leader in #GirlsClub, you’ll play an integral role to inspire us, stretch boundaries, and get us thinking, believing, and striving.


As a sponsor for #GirlsClub, you can build a culture of productive, more effective employees while effecting change in the gender pay gap.

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“I never asked!” Margaret Arakawa, CMO at Outreach shared a phenomenal story at her company’s “Gals in Sales” event in ...
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Why Sales Is The Right Job For You

Inclusion and Diversity is one of the Outreach core values that I hold most dear. Exposure to different perspectives and ...
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