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We are changing the face of sales leadership one woman at a time.

Our program is designed to produce confident, high-functioning certified digital sales managers ready to lead a high-performing sales team. We do this with a 9-month bench-building sales training and mentoring program.

What Describes You?


Are you an aspiring Inside Sales Manager? Or, a new manager who’s looking to improve upon your skills? #GirlsClub is the training and mentoring community for you.


Our goal is that not only will Proteges build confidence and advance their career, but mentors will too. And, it’s free.

Thought Leader

The next generation of aspiring women need you. As a Thought Leader in #GirlsClub, you’ll play an integral role to inspire us, stretch boundaries, and get us thinking, believing, and striving.


As a sponsor for #GirlsClub, you can build a culture of productive, more effective employees while effecting change in the gender pay gap.

Learn how you can join the #GirlsClub movement.