Lynn Parker Scholarship

Lynn Parker The Lynn Parker #GirlsClub Scholarship APPLY TODAY Lynn Parker In memory of #GirlsClub Thought Leader, Lynn Parker.

Lynn Parker was a #GirlsClub Thought Leader as well as a close friend and role model to #GirlsClub Founder, Lauren Bailey. She encouraged Lauren to build #GirlsClub (“No, you’re not crazy!”) and even flew in from the UK for the Generation 1 finale conference. Unfortunately, Lynn Parker was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away in October 2021. She left behind an enormous crowd of friends and family wondering how to fill the “queen-sized hole” she left in the universe. The mark she made on #GirlsClub and Lauren can’t be denied. In fact, you may still catch her in the recording of our first “Wine Down Wednesday” or her “RiseUp on Record” about crying.

To celebrate her contribution and help us keep her bright light lit, Lauren and Lynn’s nieces, Oleta and Mia Scott, will choose an annual recipient of the Lynn Parker #GirlsClub Scholarship.

About Lynn Parker

Lynn was both bold and compassionate. Her defining characteristics were her authenticity and her dedication to growing herself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Lauren called Lynn her “Poster Child for Inner Loveliness,” as she was a master at connecting with and caring for others – in her work as an International Project Leader and Consultant, as a volunteer in Rwanda, a sought-after life coach, and of course to her many friends and family.  

Within twenty minutes of Lauren meeting Lynn on a Global SAP launch project, she made sure the group shared their passions, life goals outside of work, and the actor/actress they’d most like to shag (Daniel Craig for Lynn!). She brought out the best in us, made us laugh, and reminded us that we’re here to live and grow, not just work.

We remember Lynn most for dedication to personal growth and her willingness to learn from mistakes. Nobody prioritized their inner journey more highly nor owns more books on the subject. Her English cottage bursts at the seams with hundreds and hundreds of fascinating books about life, growth, and being a better human.

The Lynn Parker Scholarship Recipient

The recipient of this scholarship will be someone with a strong sense of self and a desire to grow and share it. She’ll be brave enough to be transparent with who she is and who she hopes to become. She need not be primed for a promotion nor even committed to the idea of team leadership. She will instead be committed to self-leadership and her own journey of discovery and difference-making in the world. 

Applications are due by March 1st, 2023. The winner will be notified via email by March 15th, 2023.

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