Mark Your Calendars For What Women Want…At Work!

Everyone’s talking about it. Even though studies have shown that women outperform men in sales*, they still aren’t being hired, retained and promoted at the same rate as men. 

This could slash women’s confidence and build up a “bro culture” without you even realizing it’s happening, leading your female talent to look elsewhere for something they feel is more attainable. There’s plenty of debate and buzz surrounding what causes this “bro culture” and if it actually exists. But, it seems to us like the time for paying talking is over, and the time for taking action is here!

On December 7th from 1:00 – 2:00PM EST, #GirlsClub is hosting our biggest webinar event EVER called What Women Want…At Work. This is where the “talking about it” stops, and the “doing something about it” starts! Our panelists will be taking the industry-wide discussion to new heights as they:

  • offer actionable tips to attract, retain and promote women in the workplace
  • show you how to identify what may be working against your diversity goals
  • provide advice on refining your practices to be more inclusive
  • share some shocking insights we’ve gathered from 100s of high-performing women in the industry
  • talk with organizational leaders who are doing it right and giving you the tricks on how to do the same.

It’s a one-of-a-kind webinar with a one-of-a-kind all-star lineup including:

Nowhere else can you get a checklist of action items you can use RIGHT NOW to attract more qualified women, and retain those women with career development efforts, and promote them into leadership.  Not only is diversity the cultural future of your company, but a Harvard Business Review study found that companies with even just a 30% female share in leadership can increase profitability by 15%! Don’t get left behind! Register now to claim your spot!

We’ll see you on the 7th!


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