Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work List – 2022

#GirlsClub created the list of the “Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work” to recognize and celebrate the top companies who support their female employees in the workplace and who are leading the charge in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Companies were nominated based on the following criteria:

  • Offer flexible work schedules and work-life balance
  • Have great paid maternity leave benefits and support for working mothers
  • Offer ongoing professional development training
  • Have an executive team that’s intentional about increasing female leadership
  • Are focused on hiring more women and advancing them into leadership roles
  • Promote equal pay for women and equality in the workplace
  • Are leading the charge on their diversity and inclusion efforts

Overall, here’s where our top 25 companies ranked the highest when it comes to supporting women at work:

2022 95% - Offers flexible work schedules / work-life balance

of the top 25 companies offer flexible work schedules and work-life balance

of the top 25 companies offers ongoing professional development training

Top 25 2022 - Promotes equal pay for women / equality in the workplace

of the top 25 companies promotes equal pay for women and equality in the workplace

Top 25 2022 -Leading the charge on diversity and inclusion efforts

of the top 25 companies are leading the charge on their diversity and inclusion efforts

*Voters were able to choose multiple categories for the company they nominated.

Over 150 companies were nominated and 2400+ votes were cast.

Congratulations to the 2022
“Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work”!

Ranked #1

91% of voters said that Criteria offers flexible work schedules and work-life balance.

Criteria logo 2022

“At Criteria, we pride ourselves on practicing what we preach, and work to ensure diversity and bias mitigation remains a consistent focus in all that we do. As a female leader who has seen first-hand how diversity and inclusion drive success, I couldn’t be more delighted that Criteria Corp has been recognized as one of #GirlsClub’s Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work again this year.”

Cherie Curtis
Head of DE&I

Ranked #2

96% of voters said that KnowBe4 offers ongoing professional development training.

KnowBe 4 2022 Logo

“One of KnowBe4’s many commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion is reflected in our workforce which is made up of over 40% women, while the industry average is only 20%. We proudly empower the next generation of women sales leaders at KnowBe4 by providing professional development tools such as certification and scholarship opportunities, inclusive benefits offerings, and our Women in Tech employee resource group. We look forward to continuing to support the mission of #GirlsClub for the future of female leaders at KnowBe4 and those interested in our female-led initiatives around the world.”

Kelly Barrena
VP of Global Talent Brand & Outreach

Ranked #3

95% of voters said that ModMed offers ongoing professional development training.

ModMed Logo 2022

“At ModMed, we’re committed to building up our community and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our employees are diverse and bring their unique voices, passions and experiences with them to help improve healthcare. As Chief People Officer at ModMed, it is my mission to ensure that we encourage and support our employees to continue to create and nurture diversity and affinity groups that provide personal and professional growth opportunities, such as mmWIT (ModMed Women in Innovation and Technology). mmWIT serves as part of our commitment to further developing and advancing female talent. This program develops and enables women to lead and innovate as they grow in their professional careers. mmWIT hosts educational panel discussions, mentoring events, networking gatherings, book clubs and community outreach programs. Through mmWIT, we continue to establish a strong community for women to reach their highest potential.”

Jody Beaverson
Chief People Officer

Ranked #4

93% of voters said that Fivetran is focused on hiring more women and promoting them.

“Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging is a crucial part of our culture at Fivetran. This recognition is a testament to the global investments that our leadership team has made in our Fivetran Women+ employee resource group, our Women’s Leadership Initiative, and our Women’s Mentorship Program. All of these programs focus on the development and growth of women at Fivetran. We strive to continue hiring, retaining, and developing top female talent at all levels of the organization. As the first head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging at Fivetran, I look forward to building upon these efforts and working with smart, amazing women and allies along the way!”

Joann Thach
Global Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Ranked #5

93% of voters said that Intuit promotes equal pay for women and equality in the workplace.

Intuit 2022

Ranked #6

90% of voters said that Iterable is leading the charge on diversity and inclusion efforts.


“In a male-dominated industry, like tech, where innovation and iteration are currency, the value of DE&I is explicit. And the best thing an organization can do to drive DE&I — and keep competitive — is embrace empathy. Once leaders prioritize listening, and seek a deeper understanding from people of different backgrounds, they will understand how to design an organization that supports diverse individuals. Feedback and people-first: that’s how we operate at Iterable. Flexible work modes, geoneutral pay, flexible PTO, paid bereavement, adoption and fertility assistance and mentorship program; we design programs, perks and processes that are built by women, for women. Only when a workplace is designed to support a diverse workforce will it attract one. And, as we know, a more equitable future — one of equal opportunity for people of every race, color, sexual orientation, gender and ability — is a more profitable one.”

Markita Jack
Head of DE&I

Ranked #7

96% of voters said that LogicMonitor’s executive team is intentional about increasing female leadership.

LogicMonitor 2022

Ranked #8

93% of voters said that Docebo offers
flexible work schedules and work-life balance.

“At Docebo, we believe that a more diverse team is a more effective and innovative team, and our #GirlsClub partnership is just one of many ways we support women-identifying Docebians throughout the year. Their Sales Leadership Training Program has been invaluable in advancing the careers of women in sales roles at Docebo, and we are proud to say that we’ve seen a 216% increase in women-identifying employees in Manager roles or above across the entire organization this year alone.
#GirlsClub aligns well with our core value of togetherness and our culture of inclusion, collaboration, high performance, and opportunity. We are honored to be recognized as one of their Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work.””

Nina Simosko

Ranked #9

92% of voters said that Ambition offers flexible work schedules and work-life balance.


“Ambition is focused on ensuring that women are supported in all levels of their career journey. This year we added a Women in Tech community group focused on professional and personal development. We have a hiring focus on diversity and recruiting from non-traditional backgrounds. Ambition invests in continuing education funds for employees, offers career development and mentorship programs for role changes and internal growth, and provides generous parental leave and back-to-work support for new mothers. Our goal is to make sure there’s a seat at our table for everyone.”

Kelly Berg
VP of Customers

Ranked #10

100% of voters said that Planful promotes equal pay for women and equality in the workplace.

Planful 2022 logo

“At Planful, we foster an inclusive culture where you feel welcomed, heard, respected and your authentic self is celebrated. For us this is not just something that lives in a corporate deck or on a wall, it’s something we’re committed to and continue to make progress on daily. We are passionate about supporting all our women at Planful and ensuring they feel supported and set up for success. That passion takes many forms; from our fully paid leave when welcoming a new family member, to our Women of Planful group that creates a space to share ideas and experiences and our partnerships with Vivvi to support parents while traveling for work with meals, childcare and petcare support. Behind every successful woman there is a tribe of successful women who have her back. We are so grateful to be inspired by the women on our team each and every day.”

Melissa Dreuth
Chief of Staff to the CEO & Chief People Officer

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Ranked #11

96% of voters said that Policygenius offers flexible work schedules and work-life balance.

Policygenius 2022 logo

“When I co-founded Policygenius in 2014, one of our key focuses was to create a good workplace for our employees so they could reach their highest potential. As a female CEO in a traditionally male-dominated industry, I am passionate about fostering an inclusive culture and providing women with career growth opportunities. I feel regularly inspired by the incredibly talented women here and am lucky to learn from each of them every day.”

Jennifer Fitzgerald
CEO and Co-founder

Ranked #12

100% of voters said that BirdEye offers great paid maternity leave benefits and support for working mothers.


“We pride ourselves on being an inclusive workplace for everyone. Being recognized for our inclusivity, including as a top workplace for women, is something that we are all proud of, but our work doesn’t stop there. We will continue every day to be a welcoming place where everyone can build a career and thrive.”

Tiffany Humphrey
SVP of People and Culture

Ranked #13

100% of voters said Chili Piper is focused on hiring more women and promoting them.

Chili Piper

“Chili Piper is a SaaS company providing the #1 Inbound Platform for marketing professionals. We hire talented, diverse people everywhere in the world and we have a strong culture of help and fun. We are proud that 50% of managers here at Chili Piper are female.”

Alina Vandenberghe
Co-Founder & CEO
Chili Piper

Ranked #14

100% of voters said that Outreach promotes equal pay for women and equality in the workplace.

Outreach 2022

“At Outreach, we find strength in diversity and inclusion. We believe in culture add (not culture fit) which is why we established our RISE Women’s Leadership Development Program for female sales leaders. After a successful inaugural cohort, we are thrilled to be launching our second RISE program and expanding it to include female engineers. We wholeheartedly believe in actively investing in our talent and providing them with the learning experiences and tools to empower them to perform at the highest level while also working in an inspiring space.”

Pamela Mattsson
SVP, People and Organization Development

Ranked #15

100% of voters said that Workiva is focused on hiring more women and promoting them.


“Workiva is a phenomenal workplace where we have made an intentional effort to hire and develop a diverse team. Specifically for women, we have ERG groups for Women in Tech and Women in Sales. We have multiple leadership training opportunities for women, including a year-long “Women of Workiva Leadership Academy,” that is led by a 3rd party executive coaching team to develop, build, and enhance the skills of our female leaders. Beyond the multiple opportunities for development that are specifically focused on our female employees, we have made a concentrated effort to hire a more diverse team. So far this year in 2021, 45% of our new hires at Workiva are female. It’s empowering to be a part of this organization, and to have females well represented on our Executive Leadership team, as our COO and CFO are both successful women leaders.”

Tana McDermott
VP of Revenue Operations

Ranked #16

88% of voters said that Alt offers flexible work schedules and work-life balance.


“At ALT, we have made efforts to diversify our team since the beginning. Our CEO intentionally diversified the executive team, which comprises over 50% women. We are especially proud of doing this in our industry which, at the intersection of sports, tech and finance, traditionally struggles to maintain equal gender representation.
While we are thrilled to be nominated this year, we have a ways to go to make ALT an even better place for women to work. We are ready to roll our sleeves up and get to work with the support of the #GirlsClub community.”

Lindsay Brandys
People Ops Generalist

Ranked #17

92% of voters said that SunLife is leading the charge on diversity and inclusion efforts.

“We know the incredible contributions women make to the workforce, which is why Sun Life makes being an employer of choice for women a priority. We offer generous paid family and medical leave to all our employees, and we know that having this benefit is particularly impactful for women. We support flexible workstyles and nurture an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves and contribute to their full potential. We have also set goals across our global organization to increase female representation, particularly in leadership positions. With a wide range of benefits, career development opportunities, and a culture that encourages a healthy work/life balance, we’re making sure women have every opportunity to succeed and thrive at Sun Life. We are thrilled to receive this ranking knowing that it is a result of positive feedback from our female employees.”

Diontha Fancher
Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Sun Life U.S.

Ranked #18

98% of voters said that Recorded Future offers ongoing professional development training.

Recorded Future

“Recorded Future is dedicated to creating an inclusive and safe environment for all employees, and our Employee Resource Groups (ERG) work very closely to foster an environment where employees can thrive and be themselves. In the past year, we launched a global Women’s Mentorship Program to strengthen the foundation of inclusion, connection, and belonging for women at Recorded Future and aid participants in expanding their careers. We are committed to achieving a workforce with a 40% female / 60% male split across all levels in the organization and improving ethnic diversity in targeted regions. Currently, 28.3% of the leadership at Recorded Future are women and over 50% of our female population received a promotion in 2022. Our ERG for women, Women@Recorded Future, has also partnered with organizations that have similar missions to foster inclusion and bring more women into the tech and cyber communities. By working with young women and girls, we are helping future generations build a more diverse and inclusive workforce that will help us better defend against adversaries and create a safer world.”

Cathy Donahoe
SVP of People
Recorded Future

Ranked #19

86% of voters said that Exposure Ninja offers flexible work schedules and work-life balance.

“At Exposure Ninja, our mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of everyone in our team, our clients and our communities. As a company with a 73% women-led leadership team built solely from internal promotion, I am proud to work for an organisation that so clearly trains, develops and champions women.”

Charlie Marchant
Chief Operating Officer
Exposure Ninja

Ranked #20

100% of voters said that RocketReach offers flexible work schedules and work-life balance.


“As a queer, female People leader, I prioritize creating an environment full of different backgrounds, ways of thinking, and most importantly a place where people can be themselves. Hiring with inclusivity and our no-asshole policy has been our North Star here at RocketReach. Creating a safe space for people to have a voice and a seat at the table, is paramount. We have grown from 15 to 90 employees in the past two years and as we’ve scaled, we’ve made an intentional effort to build a diverse culture with good humans. Our differences make up the fabric of the business and drive a lot of what our team refers to as “the best place I’ve ever worked”. We are challenging the historically white, male-dominated tech industry and ensuring that our people programs and policies support equal opportunity for our women and underrepresented communities to succeed, lead, and grow here at RocketReach.”

Julia Kimmel
Vice President, Recruiting & People Ops

Ranked #21

100% of voters said that Human Made offers great paid maternity leave benefits and support for working mothers.

Human Made 2022

“We are delighted to have been recognised as a top 25 place to work for women in 2022. As a globally distributed company we are lucky to have a team that comprises incredible women from many different cultural backgrounds; it is the diversity of these voices and experience that have helped us to become the successful company that we are today. I’m honoured to work with so many talented women from such diverse locations and cultures.

We support women by having an outcome-focused flexible working environment where we focus on impact rather than clocking on to a 9-5. This flexible approach enables everyone, regardless of gender, to create balance between work and the rest of their lives. Our professional development support helps women to grow as strategic partners and technical experts to our enterprise clients. And we have broad ranging family-friendly policies such as extended parental leave and carers leave, a focus on pay equity, and a working environment that is supportive and understanding of the demands of having a family alongside having a job.”

Siobhan McKeown
Human Made

Ranked #22

100% of voters said that FreeWill is Leading the charge on diversity and inclusion efforts.

“At FreeWill, we’re committed to helping people do the most good for the people and causes they love. Fostering a culture in which our employees can bring their whole, best selves to their work is central to enabling FreeWill to fulfill its mission of making a positive impact on the world and it is a critical part of our DNA. We’re incredibly proud to have a highly diverse workforce that permeates all levels and segments of our organization, and we know that this is not by accident. We have thoughtful business policies in place to remove forms of bias from our interviewing and evaluation processes, we have a non-negotiation policy to remove systemic inequities from our compensation packages, and we have flexible policies to encourage the likes of working parents such as myself who aspire to be leaders to build wonderful careers with FreeWill. We’re elated to see the fruits of our efforts in being recognized by #GirlsClub as an employer that supports women in the workplace.”

Jenny Xia Sprading

Ranked #23

100% of voters said that ezCater is focused on hiring more women and promoting them.

“At ezCater, our Culture Recipe, a list of 10 “ingredients”, outline the values by which we all operate. One of those ingredients – Drive Diversity, Ensure Equity, Ingrain Inclusion – represents our commitment to building an employee population that reflects the diversity of our community, customers, and catering partners. We’re proud to be a woman-led tech company, and that women represent over half of our executive team and employee population. We strive to create an environment where everyone can be themselves, is given equitable opportunities to succeed, knows the importance of their contributions, and feel like they matter and are accepted here.”

Janine Allo
Chief People & Culture Officer

Ranked #24

100% of voters said BombBomb’s executive team is intentional about increasing female leadership.

BombBomb 2022

“BombBomb’s mission is to rehumanize the planet. Outside of our company this includes philanthropic efforts with schools and communities in Kenya and in our headquarter city in Colorado Springs. Our team donates time and resources to serve those experiencing homelessness. Our partners provide housing, meals, job training and case management services. Inside of our company, rehumanizing translates into treating all our employees equitably regardless of race, gender/gender identity, position and all other demographics. We provide comprehensive mental health resources and this year added company mental health time off every month. These programs and benefits are intended to support all employees with attention to the challenges experienced by women and families.”

Sandra Martinez
Vice President of Talent Managament.

Ranked #25

100% of voters said that Twilio is leading the charge on diversity and inclusion efforts.


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The Top 25 companies were chosen based on the criteria below:


  1. Companies with the highest total number of votes
  2. Companies that are partnered with programs like #GirlsClub to support their female workforce
  3. Companies that have won DEI awards or other similar types of awards/list recognition
  4. Companies that have women on their leadership team and/or have a diverse workforce