Executive Presence: What Is It And How To Cultivate It

Executive Presence: What Is It And How To Cultivate It  

Think executive presence is something you have or don’t have? Think again.  Being seen as a leader, a polished and professional executive is critical for promotion, and it’s a skill that can absolutely be learned.

In this webinar, we’ll cover what executive presence is and how you can cultivate this career-changing skill.  We’ll also uncover why women in particular struggle with projecting this confident exterior and what you might be doing to undermine your credibility.

Learn great research and specific and easy to apply tips you can use immediately on the job. Take your career to the next level with game-changing advice you need to master executive presence.

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Kristina McMillan TOPO

Kristina McMillan
VP of Research, TOPO

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Julie Hansen
Founder, Performance Sales and Training

Kristen Twining Hewlett Packard

Kristen Twining
Vice President, NA Inside Sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Samantha McKenna
Head of Enterprise Sales, LinkedIn