About Us

Our Mission

#GirlsClub is committed to changing the face of sales by empowering more women to earn roles in leadership, helping reverse the zero growth trend of women leaders in sales. We address this by providing a cross-company community + a six-month, exclusive training program including:

  • Tactical Sales Management Job Training
  • 1:1 Female & Male Mentors
  • Confidence-Building Curriculum
  • A Community That Empowers Risk-Taking

Our Values

We value inclusion, education, hard work, and spirit.

We believe in the power of role models and integrity as passionately as we do authenticity and imperfection.

We are initiative-takers, people-developers and esteem-builders. We hold true that opportunity is abundant, and a community of support and encouragement will shine a light into corners where scarcity may still exist. We celebrate trail-blazers, risk-takers, working moms, and every single woman in the world who listened to her little voice that said, “More” and then did just that.

Our Vision

The power of the #GirlsClub community is limitless. Soon it will expand beyond sales as a brand synonymous with extraordinary women & men committed to helping others, advocacy for development and equal opportunity. It will spotlight companies committed to diversity & inclusion and unite our collective voice, vote, and buying power to impact critical social stigmas and business issues. No longer will women at work feel alone, undervalued or underpaid. With #GirlsClub behind her, she brings education for all, confidence, and the power of her network. Together we are stronger.

Our Story

After spending 20 years in technical sales leadership, #GirlsClub Founder Lauren Bailey knew the struggle and the “only-ness” of being a female sales leader firsthand. Tired of talking about the lack of women in leadership, she committed to take action and fix it.

Lauren and her team at Factor 8 donated free award-winning sales management training on their eLearning platform The Sales Bar.

#GirlsClub quickly went viral and men and women everywhere started identifying female talent and encouraging them to participate. And then it grew.

Today, thousands of men and women have joined us in helping women earn leadership positions in sales and the exclusive management training program boasts an over 60 promotion rate for aspiring managers.

Our Team

Lauren Bailey

“LB” is the Founder of three successful brands: Factor 8, The Sales Bar, and #GirlsClub. A proud “AA-ISP Most Influential” recipient for the past 10 years, she’s also been billed as a Top Coach and Top Woman in Sales.
Her mission is to change lives by helping more people find confidence and success in sales. Known on the speaker circuit for her “No B.S.” style and spunk, look for LB to make you laugh, keep things moving quickly, and help you take immediate action with her tactical tips.

Angela Salazar

Angela Salazar

Vice President, Program & Partnerships
[email protected]

Angela Salazar is the Vice President, Program & Partnerships for #GirlsClub. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Angela has coached and developed individuals in many different roles, both domestically and abroad. Angela’s passion for identifying potential, cultivating strengths, providing honest constructive feedback, and developing future leaders drives her to be her best. In her free time, Angela loves attending concerts, traveling, and happy hour with friends.

Teresa Zwierzchowski

With more than 20 years of experience in communications, Teresa joins the #GirlsClub team as Marketing Coordinator. Teresa – or TZ for short – is a lover of all things communication including brand, culture, social media as well as community and public relations. Her passion in this field stems from a genuine love of community engagement. She enjoys helping companies build their brand through social media, PR, and communication strategies. Rarely one to sit still, Teresa fills her “spare time” with her family, traveling, and running.