About Us

Who We Are

#GirlsClub is committed to changing the face of sales leadership Worldwide by empowering more women to earn roles in management by providing job training, role models, a spotlight and community.

Our Values

We value inclusion, education, hard work and spirit. We believe in the power of role models and integrity as passionately as we do authenticity and imperfection. We are initiative-takers, people-developers and esteem-builders. We hold true that opportunity is plentiful and a community of support and encouragement will shine a light into corners where scarcity may still exist. We celebrate trail blazers, risk takers, working moms, and every single women in the World who listened to her little voice that said, “More.”

Our Vision

Someday soon every working woman will boast a #GirlsClub logo on their profile. Tens of thousands of members will sponsor new members spanning all sectors of business, education, and government. What started as “bad-ass women of sales” will galvanize women Worldwide to stand up, to reach for more, and to support each other in the process. Together we will take more risks, open more opportunities, and re-write stereotypes in business, in Hollywood, in developing Nations and in our schools. Together we can activate our collective voice, our vote, and our buying power. The storm is brewing. Women of the world are the lightning. #GirlsClub is the thunder.

The Training Program

At the core of #GirlsClub is a comprehensive, online 9-month sales management development program. Each month, our proteges build specific sales management skills. The program includes:

  • 10 award-winning virtual Sales Manager courses like Essential Sales Manager Meetings, Driving Sales Performance with Metrics, KPI’s and Goals, and Own Your Day.
  • 20 hours of live webinars with Digital Sales Experts, Sales Leaders, Recruiters, Technology Experts, Sales Personalities, Authors, Leadership Gurus and more.
  • 1:1 mentoring calls with Senior Leaders to guide you through the process step by step.
  • Exclusive Access to Senior Executive Sales Leaders to learn their stories and ask your questions.
  • Direct Feedback from hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Monthly access to new ideas, free tools, recommended reading and podcasts hand selected to guide your ascent to the next level.
  • An internal spotlight as we involve your management and leadership in your development.
  • Entrance to the “Rise-up” finale event – 2 days of intimate conversations, training, and inspiration where you’ll be surrounded by successful women in sales.
  • Certification as a Digital Sales Manager.

Enrollment Is Now Open For Our Sales Management Development Program.

If you are an aspiring sales manager or new to management, apply today!

Our Founder


#GirlsClub was founded by Lauren Bailey, Founder and President of sales training company Factor 8. Lauren has spent 2 decades in digital sales leadership and has seen first hand how men out-number women across nearly every industry. Inspired by conversations with her peers at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals and Women Sales Pros, Lauren began her mission and life’s passion to help women find their confidence and their place in sales leadership.