How to Negotiate ‘Like a Man’ (& Get the Salary or Promotion You Deserve)

Ever found yourself holding back when it comes to asking for that well-deserved promotion or negotiating your salary? The fear of being perceived as too ambitious or reaching too far can be daunting.

Despite recent studies indicating that women are increasingly engaging in negotiation, and in some cases, more actively than their male counterparts, a concerning trend persists. Many of these women, despite negotiating more frequently, still fall short in receiving salaries equal to their male peers. Why? Quite simply, they’re asking for less.

If this resonates with you, you will not want to miss our upcoming webinar, How to Negotiate “Like a Man” (& Get the Salary/Promotion You Deserve), featuring moderator Lauren Bailey, founder of #GirlsClub, and panelists Amanda Shea, Chief Marketing Officer of Follett Learning and Kyle Gale, Chief Revenue Officer at Chief of Chaos. They’ll uncover the secrets to mastering confident negotiation and securing the promotion or salary that aligns with your true worth.

In this power-packed session, we will share invaluable insights on bolstering your self-worth and ensuring you get what you truly deserve. From building confidence in your value to overcoming self-doubt, this webinar is your go-to guide for mastering the art of negotiation.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

1️⃣ Confidence Boost: Discover effective ways to feel more confident about your true worth, empowering you to stand firm in negotiations.

2️⃣ Fear-Busting Tactics: Some call it self doubt others may see it as imposter syndrome – no matter the label – we will give you strategies to navigate negotiations with poise and authenticity.

3️⃣ Strategic Clarity: Gain insights into identifying your goals and understanding the art of securing what you rightfully deserve in any negotiation.

This webinar is sure to leave you empowered and ready to advocate for your true value. Register now and take the first step toward becoming a more confident and assertive negotiator!


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