How to Become Your Most Confident Self – Webinar

Fear is huge. It prevents us from achieving our full potential. How many times has the fear of rejection or fear of the unknown prevented you from asking for what you want? From asking for a raise? A promotion? The sale?  The job?  By focusing on building confidence, you’ll overcome your fear of asking for what you want and need and will finally crush that nagging voice in your head that says “I don’t deserve this” (goodbye Imposter Syndrome!)

If you’re ready to conquer your dreams, join LB for an inspiring and interactive session on fear, failure, and Felix Felicis.  You will thank yourself for attending! 

Watch Lauren Bailey’s session to conquer your fear, gain that confidence, and tackle Imposter Syndrome head-on. 

In this session we take on:

  • Digging into why we struggle with confidence (especially women)
  • How imposter syndrome prevents you from your confidence potential
  • Fear and what it prevents
  • Authenticity
  • How leaders can help their teams
  • The importance of a mentor and how to maximize that relationship
  • How to close the confidence gap quickly


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