Generation 5 Mentor Application

The Mentor application below is for experienced sales leaders (5+ years of experience) or Certified Protégés from previous generations who are looking to develop and support a new or aspiring sales manager in building their practical leadership skills and confidence.

As a #GirlsClub Mentor, you will be assigned a dedicated Protégé to mentor and develop during the 6-month program (April – October 2023). All Mentors receive FREE access to the competency and confidence curriculum in the certification program plus the benefits of our community and spotlight opportunities, but we know none of it will compare to the opportunity to change a life and make a life-long connection.

The minimum commitment of a mentor is a 1-hour meeting with your Protégé each month, but many mentors choose to do a bit more. A survey of previous mentors shows that 60% spent an average of 2 hours or less a month on #GirlsClub and the remaining 40% said they spent 3- 5 hours.

Mentors are also encouraged, but not required, to attend live training events, webinars, and consume program content to get the most program benefit.

Generation 5 kicks off 2023!

If you would like more information on the topics we will cover or general questions about the 6-month certification program CLICK HERE.

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