#GirlsClub Gen 5 Hardship Application

Hardship Application Generation 5 Hardship Application APPLY TODAY Struggling to find funding for Gen 5? We know times can be tough, that's why we're offering hardship assistance.

Having Trouble securing funding for Gen 5? Apply for a Hardship Discount!

If you’re unable to secure funding for Gen 5 due to any of the reasons below, then you may want to consider applying for a hardship.

Important: In order to be considered for a hardship discount, you must formally apply to the #GirlsClub Generation 5 program right here.

Apply for a hardship discount if:

  • You are currently furloughed/ laid off.
  • You or your employer are able to pay for some, but not all of the Gen 5 tuition.
  • You asked your employer to help fund your tuition and they said ‘no’.

Only a limited number of hardship discounts will be awarded. In order to ensure the discounts are provided to those that need it most #GirlsClub requires those that are currently employed ask their boss/employer to help fund their tuition before applying for a hardship discount.

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Apply for Hardship Assistance Below