LB's Corner
Something Big is Coming

Spoiler alert: The feel of #GirlsClub – the beauty and inspiration that drew you to us – it’s about to get bigger and it will soon be available to YOU. However, we have good and bad news.


Every year we graduate around 70 AHHMMMAAAZING women leaders from our live cohort. These women spent 6 months with us sharpening their skills, finding their mojo, building their confidence – and their network.  

Each year we watch them pop like popcorn into leadership roles – Sales Manager!  Business Development Leader! Senior Manager! Community Manager! Enablement Lead!

I recently saw past Protégé Julia – she’s been promoted every year since graduation! Kat is now a President. President!!


Each year about 7,000 women don’t join the cohort! These women can feel some of the buzz, but it’s at arm’s length. They don’t get the chance for transformation for many reasons like: 

  • My company has no budget.
  • I’m already a leader, I just want the confidence and community building! 
  • I’m a guy.
  • I’m not ready for leadership yet.
  • I just don’t have the time in the day.
  • I missed it by a month and now I’m waiting 11 more.

We get you.  We’re sorry it took us so long.

But the wait is almost over – #GirlsClub on Demand is on the horizon.

We are taking FIVE YEARS of amazing content and putting it online for you to access at any time.

Rise up on Record – Shatter your imposter syndrome after hearing real leaders (and a LOT of LB) coping with their own fears, failures, and F-ups – you are not alone!

Wine Down Wednesday – Get amazing advice from women leaders who share their stories and how they’ve grown their confidence. Women like Outreach CRO Anna Baird, and IBM GM Judy Buccholz. 

Confidence Builders – Watch live inspirational sessions that boost you up anytime!  Incredible speakers like Heather Monahan will leave you fired up and READY to take on the World!

Skill Development – Get access to award-winning virtual selling and management training Factor 8 and capture the ah-hahs and applications from previous attendees.

What I love about this program is how we can impact more people in a real way.  #GirlsClub is nothing short of lightning in a bottle, but it’s only been available to a handful of lucky women each year.

We’ve literally smashed all the barriers to entry.  Anyone who wants to build their career, their skills, their confidence, we got you. 

I also love that I can jump in and get a quick boost before a meeting, at the end of a bad day, or during the 3 am feeding.  

#GirlsClub on demand is great for:

  1. Aspiring cohort participants – get your mojo flowing and your momentum going before it’s your time to apply.
  2. Sellers who wonder if management is their thing
  3. Leaders looking for proven ways to boost their team’s skills and confidence
  4. Past graduates who want to keep the spark alive (and see awesome leaders who spoke in other generations!)
  5. Leaders who may feel a little isolated and are looking for inspiration or low-cost development
  6. DE&I teams – empower the entire team!
  7. Managers who want professional and personal development
The details

We have broken our On Demand program into 3 different, self-paced learning paths. Each path is three months long and has everything you need to get to the next level in your career – confidence building, monthly relationship-building power hours and so much more. . 

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out the first two of those offerings:  

#GirlsClub IGNITE: This program brings you sales training courses and is designed for ambitious individual sales contributors (any gender) who need sales skills training AND a confidence boost to prepare for a leadership role.  

#GirlsClub BOOST: This is the confidence career boost that new and aspiring sales leaders of any gender need and features three leadership courses. 

Our third offering – #GirlsClub EMPOWER – will be released at a later date, This power-packed program will provide advanced leadership courses for those that have completed a previous cohort, taken previous on demand courses, or are experienced sales leaders looking to enhance confidence.

Feel a little moved?  A little cautious? A little nervous? Did your little voice already give you a reason not to ask for the funds or proof you’re too busy?  That’s fear talking!  And it’s your sign to something important for yourself.  Be strong!  Lean in!  This is one of those moments you hear about – a crossroads.

Be the person who believes enough in themself to invest the time in their future.  You deserve this.