LB’s Corner

Authenticity Starves Imposter Syndrome

I’m excited to share a very powerful weapon we all have available to beat imposter syndrome. 

If you’re new here, Hi. 🙂 I’m LB. We try to do regular installments on beating the widespread disease I define as an ugly underlying and persistent belief that I don’t own nor deserve my own success. 

Screw ups? You BET I own those, but the good stuff was probably luck…

Stop Self-Limiting Your Career Possibilities

There’s a scent of possibility in the air. Have you clocked it? I caught it somewhere between a no-facemask gas station and accepting a fly-to-me speaking gig. The world is starting to feel more open. My choices for the kid’s summer camps were slim, but then something amazing happened. There was a hole left in the schedule. Right after robotics camp and before the start of school, there’s a vacation-sized possibility in my calendar. Have you seen it too?

Ladies – Know Your Worth

How many articles have you read about the “Gender Pay Gap?” If you’re anything like me, the answer is A LOT! The more I read, the more I wanted to explore how we here at #GirlsClub could proactively start closing the gap. Insert the always helpful, Mikelann Valterra of Seattle Money Coach. Mikelann joined us recently to provide 5 strategies to prevent underearning. 

Embracing Silence in Sales

Silence isn’t easy for most salespeople. In fact, most of us have been told, “You can talk to anyone! You should be in sales!” They are correct with their intent, but not in execution. On the surface, this means you are not shy and will not be uncomfortable talking with strangers. It means, people like you and will talk to you. Take it for the compliment it is…then leave it there.

I Said Yes

When I was 28, I found myself one late night on the Greek Island of Antiparos. It was past midnight and I was sitting on a homemade wooden chair outside a small but cozy shack with two people who, in all honesty, I didn’t know. She was a female neurosurgeon from Norway and he was an elderly Greek farmer who spoke broken English and who had made the chairs we sat in. This would be the best night of my life.