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Shining a Light on ERGs and Those That Lead Them
Lauren BaileyPosted on

Do you have an ERG?

If so, there’s a passionate (and probably tired) leader who could use your thanks – even if you’ve never attended a meeting.

Show your support in a meaningful (and FAST) way by nominating them to our Top 25 ERG Leaders 2024 list!  It takes under 5 minutes and brings hours of joy to the recipient.  All nominees will be recognized!


So what IS an ERG anyway? 

Glad you asked. Employee Resource Groups were formed originally in 1969-70 as a forum for black employees to advocate for inclusion and change within their companies (awesome). Today it is a connected group of employees who share identities and interests.

It’s where we can find “our people” at work – especially now many of us are remote and don’t have a cube neighbor. ERGs also work to support their marginalized staff.

Quick facts:

  • 90% of Fortune 500 companies have ERG groups and actively support them (McKinsey).
  • They’re sometimes called Business Resource Groups
  • Women’s groups and LGBTQIA+ are most common followed by Disabilities, Veteran, Black, and Hispanic/Latino associations (DiversityInc)
  • Top business benefits include better employee engagement, retention, and recruitment. 

US Chamber of Commerce cites a stat that 

70% of Gen Z respondents 

were more likely to apply for a job at a company with an ERG.

Here’s the big stat: 

ERG Leaders usually spend 2-3 hours / week and less than half are being paid for their time (State of the ERG 2022 Report). 

If you and your ERG are trying to do more with less this year, please join us for an informal ideas exchange on May 23rd at 12 pm ET

We’ll hear from esteemed members of our Top 25 ERG Leaders List and share ideas, resources, tips, and time savers to help all of us help the others.

#GirlsClub on Demand is a proud sponsor of this initiative and is offering discounted licenses to womens’ ERG groups looking for skills and career development for their members.  To learn more, visit or contact [email protected]