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You Have to Ask This Question – RIGHT NOW!

One out of three of you reading this right now (YOU!) are about to give money away. I’m going to ask you instead to try and spend it on yourself and on putting more women in revenue leadership.

That’s right, you can expect anywhere from $500 to $3,500 allocated to you right now, but when the fiscal year closes, so is your chance to use your employee development budget. Wait, what? Yes, the majority of companies budget for professional development with a per-employee line item. How do you get it?

“Hey Manager? Do we have a development or training budget for employees here?  

Do I have any left?”

Sometimes the employee development budget is used by Enablement or Sales Leadership for group programs, but often it isn’t depleted – sometimes even untouched. But it won’t be yours *UNLESS YOU ASK* and probably before end of next week – unless you have a separate fiscal year vs. calendar year.

When asked, this money can usually be used for any development of your choice. Sometimes you’ll see requirements like an accredited institution (e.g. getting college credits) but typically just a vetting by a manager.

We’d love you to spend it betting on yourself and building your company a bench of better leaders (psst! I mean you!). Maybe you already lead a team – please help us pay it forward by spreading the love to other high-potential women in business development, customer success, marketing, account management, enablement – any revenue-related role.

“Use it or lose it” funding is often debated in its value – but when it helps spur us forward to ask our companies to invest in our development, I’m definitely a fan!

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It’s time to do a little ME shopping!  Good luck!  Email me if I can help –  LB@Factor

If you don’t have a budget but still want to learn more or get involved helping other women, sign up for an info session here!