Career Development

Stop Self-Limiting Your Career Possibilities

There’s a scent of possibility in the air. Have you clocked it? I caught it somewhere between a no-facemask gas station and accepting a fly-to-me speaking gig. The world is starting to feel more open. My choices for the kid’s summer camps were slim, but then something amazing happened. There was a hole left in the schedule. Right after robotics camp and before the start of school, there’s a vacation-sized possibility in my calendar. Have you seen it too?

Wine Down Wednesday with Amy Volas

Recently, the amazing Amy Volas, Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners, was kind enough to join us from her vacation to talk a bit about how to navigate a career move like a badass. We aren’t talking a job move, we are talking big picture here. Whether this move is an outside interview, or you are inquiring about a promotion at your current company, knowing how and when to toot your own horn is an art in itself.

#GirlsClub Guide to: Organizing Your Sales Day

Lately, I’ve been noticing how little interruptions make it seemingly impossible to accomplish any pre-planned task. It has always been hard to stay organized, but then when you add other distractions, like your dogs having a “howl-off” or trying to make time for the gym, it can be 10x harder to stick to your plan. Unfortunately, these distractions can cause you to fall incredibly behind on your prospecting or follow up. Need some help? Here are some tips to organize your sales day so that you don’t get behind.