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How to Keep Calm and Carry On at Work

When it comes to the workplace, there will always be challenges – some that are small hiccups and some that are just plain infuriating. If you could use some tips to help minimize workplace frustrations, keep reading!

No matter the size of the issue, the frustration level it causes or the amount of eye rolls it brings, it’s how you handle the challenge that determines the outcome. Every challenge provides you with a unique opportunity to learn something.

Problems in the workplace won’t go away if you ignore them, so what can you do? I have some ideas that can help you work through them without losing your cool, your mind, or your job. 

REMAIN POSITIVE: No matter the challenge – a hard project, lack of communication, or staff conflict – remaining positive should be top of mind. Like I said above, every challenge is just a new opportunity to learn something. So face every challenge with a positive attitude and the willingness to learn from it. By having a positive attitude, you are more likely to stay motivated and focused on the solution. And remember, you have likely faced – and defeated – bigger challenges in your life. You’ve got this.  

TAKE IT ALL IN: You’ve been gifted a huge project and a short timeline and you are not quite sure how to handle it. What are you going to do? No, ignoring it won’t make it go away. We’ve talked about this. Step back and look at the project from every angle. What do you need in order to accomplish your goal? What are some of the factors that might hinder you from finishing the project on time? Really take a moment – or several – to wrap your head around all aspects of the project. Once you have a good idea of what is before you and the expectations, you can start planning your course of action. 

BREAK IT DOWN: Sometimes the best way to find a solution is to break the problem down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This way you are able to methodically work your way through the challenge as well as track your progress and identify any barriers along the way.  

TAKE A BREAK: Sometimes when we focus on a problem too often or for too long, it gets bigger, harder, and seems less likely to be solved. Walk away. Not forever, just maybe take a quick stroll around the block to clear your head. Coming back to the problem with a fresh new mindset might be just what you needed to see the solution.

ASK FOR HELP: Asking for help is not admitting defeat. It is quite possible that someone else in your organization has faced the same issue, or maybe someone with a different perspective on the issue can help you see a potential solution. 

I hope these helped! If you’ve got any tips or solutions to help minimize workplace frustrations, drop them in the comments below!