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The Best Money You’ll Spend All Year

Right after I walked off stage at a sales leadership conference in March, two cool guys from WI asked me how they could get a few of their employees involved in “the kind of stuff I talk about.” Sales skills, confidence building, the growth mindset, optimal performance … that stuff (I’d never heard it put quite so eloquently!) 😉 

It turns out, they found a clause in the employee handbook that said every employee has $1,200 they could spend on their development. Nobody actually announced it nor planned to use it collectively, so they hoped it would cover a course or two … or maybe, a conference?

I’m begging you to look for this little loophole in your company because boy do we have a solution.

For 1.5 days next month, we’re putting on the most powerful development event in the revenue industry, and I promise you, that if you invest this time and budget (for yourself or your people), an immediate change will be felt. Here’s why it’s so impactful:

  1. We’ll talk candidly about what prevents us from our peak performance. That’s right, not just new skills to try, but literally unblocking what’s preventing our skills from being showcased in the first place. Think Tony Robbins but no hot coals.
  2. We’ll surround ourselves with top performers. Not everyone’s invited folks. These are people who have raised their hands to say, “I’m ambitious. I’m a hard worker. I’m on my way up.” One of the last conferences I went to, 50% of the audience was missing the next morning because they came to party and slack off. Our people are winners. Drivers. People you should come try and hire. Send your up-and-comers and watch them take off when they get home.
  3. Nobody is selling anything. There will be ZERO product pitches on stage. Every minute of our programming is about helping our attendees walk out stronger, more confident, and higher-performing leaders. We don’t even have vendor booths – our sponsors helped us buy T-shirts and drinks instead (thanks you guys). 
  4. Every topic will boost work performance: confidence building, brand building, beating imposter syndrome, doing more with less time, communication in the workplace, making brave decisions, setting goals. Folks, we’re walking out 10-feet tall with a plan to take over the world! If you’re trying to decide if this is a good investment for yourself, cut it out. Do it. Bring someone you love (or your boss. Or both.).
  5. Relationship building. Not just “networking.” Authentic connections with heavy hitters in the sales industry – directors, VP’s, C-suite leaders of sales, marketing, and revenue. Mentors meeting proteges. Authors, entrepreneurs, and keynote speakers you’d pay triple our entry fee to see. Yes guys, you’re welcome with open arms – come see how great it feels to be included.

Bonus: I’d love to have a beer together. 🙂

Every learning opportunity needs to show a return on investment. I’ve been in the learning industry for 20 years, and I personally guarantee that RiseUp will show that return. At under $400 entry (including meals and drinks), this isn’t a revenue-generating event, I’m not looking to generate leads, this is #GirlsClub giving back to the community with a sales-leadership development juggernaut. 

We are 70% sold out and our room block expires on October 5th. Please make your plans right now to join us.

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P.S. Ticket scholarships are available. Please reach out to our Program Director, [email protected] if you would benefit from financial assistance.