Gender Pay GapLB's Corner
This is the Most Important Thing We’ve Ever Done

Please help us eliminate the wage gap by taking action right now.

At #GirlsClub we don’t think companies and managers are purposely offering less compensation to women. We know that when a woman starts her career making less than her male counterparts it is a trend that will follow her until she retires. My personal goal is to fix this before I retire. (Why not swing big?).  

My strategy is three-fold: 

  1. Arm women with objective data on what their counterparts are making in their roles.
  2. Teach her to negotiate better starting and promotion salaries.
  3. Get more women into leadership positions.

Along the way, you’ll also see us teaching self-confidence to women and strategies for hiring more women to men. We’ll attempt to desensitize the compensation conversation and practice asking for what we want.

But compiling objective compensation data straight from the source (read: not impacted by recruiter percentages or reporting bias) is THE BIGGEST STEP we can take to close the gap.  PLEASE HELP by taking this 5 min completely anonymous survey. YES if you’re a guy – especially if you are a guy, we NEED to see what we are up against. YES if you’re a VP. YES if you just started as a BDR. Yes, please send it to 5 friends. Yes, if you just left revenue but your data is valid within the last year.

Clicking this link helps us correct the inequity for yourself, your colleagues, your sisters, and your granddaughters.

We will make results available to all of our subscribers (I know y’all will share those!)