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These are a few of our favorite things …

It is hard to believe we are closing out 2022, but here we are, just days away from flipping the page on the calendar. There is something sentimental about the holidays and the end of the year that makes you pause to reflect on all that has been experienced and accomplished. It is also an exciting time to look forward to a new year filled with all the “new” – new hopes, new dreams, new goals, new opportunities.

Angela (Our #GirlsClub VP) and I talked recently and we just couldn’t let 2022 become a thing of the past without reflecting and writing this blog together. So in our best Julie Andrews voice, “These are a few of our favorite things…” 

At the top of the list…RiseUp 2022.

It was an easy yes to say this was the best part of 2022. Even just typing that out brings an immediate smile to our faces and warms our hearts. After 2-long years, we were finally able to gather together to encourage, teach and uplift one another while learning from some of the top sales leaders in the world. I’m not sure Dallas, Texas, was ready for that much badassery all in one spot but they sure did get it.

Angela and I agreed that observing the next generation of sales leaders so focused, soaking up all of the stories, the lessons and the takeaways proving to us that everything we put into #GirlsClub and RiseUp is truly changing lives. 

Our Generation 4 Cohort!

How could we possibly think about 2022 without thinking of our 4th cohort that was certified in October?! Every generation is special and Gen 4 was no exception. Our Proteges were made up of an incredible group of current and future leaders that always demonstrate ambition, authenticity, and drive. It is no wonder that 72% of proteges in individual contributor roles have already been promoted into leadership since Gen 4 started in April.

#GirlsClub has now officially had over 1400 active participants in our cohorts – this includes Proteges, Mentors, and Advocates. These individuals represent more than 700 companies in the US and in an additional 23 countries across the globe. We are so proud!

Our Sponsors and Partners in Purpose

Whether you are a formal sponsor of #GirlsClub or a company that shares the same values as #GirlsClub we love to see the spotlight on gender equity in sales. 

To our sponsors, thank you for changing the lives of our Proteges! Those of you that were able to make it to RiseUp were able to see in person the difference you are making. We LITERALLY would not have a #GirlsClub without you!

To the companies that are supporting women and advancing the cause, we recognize your efforts which is why our Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work list means so much to us! Over 150 organizations were nominated and 2500+ employees voted, let’s see if we can get even more companies in the mix in 2023. How cool would it be to spark a competition, each company outdoing the others in the way they support women! Everyone wins!

To our fellow women’s groups, Women Sales Pros, Center for Women in Sales Leadership, Sistas in Sales, and countless others… We are thrilled to share this mission with you. There is space for all of us and we appreciate the work you do. It is incredibly exciting to see more focus on women in sales and sales leadership than ever before.

It’s true, 2022 was a good year but we have a few things in store for 2023 that might just make it even better! Here’s a peek at what you can expect in the New Year…

NEW Cohort

In 2023, #GirlsClub will be celebrating our 5-year anniversary and launching our 5th cohort in April! Our cohorts are where the real magic happens, where lives are changed and futures become brighter.

With every passing generation #GirlsClub gets better and stronger, so there is no doubt Gen 5 will be the best cohort yet. We are currently accepting applications for Proteges (new or aspiring managers) and Mentors (Sales Leaders with 5+ years of sales leadership experience).

Learn more about Gen 5, apply to be a Protege or a Mentor, find out how to be a sponsor, and more ->

NEW Information

We truly believe that change happens when information meets action and that is what our #GirlsClub Wage Survey is meant to do. We are working hard to gather the information you need to take action to close the gender wage gap.

Watch out folks…we are on a mission and it is a tall order. With a goal of arming women with the data they need to earn equitable salaries while negotiating for more, we are committed to making sure the gender wage gap becomes a thing of the past. 

Full transparency – this data is harder to collect than we thought, especially gathering wage data from men and we need your HELP! If you have not taken the survey, please do (TAKE IT HERE). Also, considering data is gold, I ask (BEG) that you send the salary to your friends in sales – all levels, all genders. We plan to release the results as part of our Annual Sales Wage Guide in 2023.

NEW Connections

#GirlsClub is going on the road in 2023 and we may be in a city near you. In 2022 RiseUp taught us the importance of being together and while we will not be having a conference this year we will be doing a handful of local meetups.

We are already looking at the map and planning trips to cities such as Boston, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta, and more! The goal of these meet-ups is two-fold: First, it allows us the opportunity to really get to know the members of our community on a deeper, more personal level. Second, it allows YOU the opportunity to network and engage with some of the best and brightest women in sales that are in your own community. How awesome is that?

We are still ironing out all the details and locations, so stay tuned! If your organization would like to help us host one of our meet-ups in your city, email #GirlsClub VP of Program and Partnerships Angela Salazar at [email protected].

Cheers to the New Year

Friends, this is just the start. We have so much planned for 2023 – including an exciting new offering that we haven’t even mentioned. It is going to be HUGE – but you’ll have to wait until mid-year for that.

In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to celebrate 2022, it was a phenomenal year and one we could not have had without each and every single one of you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Cheers to a new year and all that is to come. *Clink”


LB & Angela