Applications Are Now Open For Generation 4 of #GirlsClub!

Generation 4 applications are now open!! It’s such an exciting time for us behind the scenes. We love looking at the talented and ambitious women who apply every year. We know that behind every application is a brave woman who worked up the courage to have a conversation with their boss or advocate about their future. Becoming a part of #GirlsClub is about investing back in yourself, you can take the first step today! 

Interesting fact: Only about 10% of interested women complete the application process. Why? That damn little voice in our heads that says horrible things to us like…

“Oh, now isn’t a good time for me to spend so much time on myself.”

“I THINK I want to move up, but I’m afraid they won’t take me seriously.”

“What if I don’t get accepted?”

“I’m probably not what they’re looking for…”

So let’s lay all that to rest right now, shall we? A few things you should know: 

  1. I get calls every week from companies trying to recruit more female sales leaders. There’s a market demand and a serious shortage. You will be considered. Seriously. 
  2. 95% of applicants are accepted. We’re looking for a desire to lead, commitment to self development, the willingness to lean in and work with your advocate and mentor, the tenacity to complete the certification, and the bravery to show up as your authentic self.
  3. 50% of our cohort every year are existing managers who haven’t gotten the training or support they crave and the other 50% are various levels of sales representatives. We’ve had VPs and we’ve had BDRs. If you want to get into sales (or sales-related) leadership in the next few years, the time is right NOW. Women historically wait too long to invest in themselves and apply (and then we’re pissed we haven’t been promoted!) 
  4. You’ll never feel 100% ready. If you have the desire, the work ethic, and the inclination to take risks someday, you’re ready. In other words, if you feel 20% ready, our job in the program is to get you to 80%. 
  5. Over 70% of rep-level participants DO get promoted before the program is even over. It’s worth it.

Three years ago when we launched this program we had about 40 women participate as Protégés and now we have decided that 80 is the perfect number. The word is out, so apply quickly before you change your mind – or the seats are filled! ( We had 20 applications on Day 1 alone!)

You can download all kinds of info on the program and even come to a live info session to ask questions – and bring your manager or budget holder too! But since this is my space, I’ll tell you my personal favorite parts of the program.

Confidence building. This entire section of #GirlsClub includes things to read / watch / listen, live events with thought leaders, and my fave, “RiseUp On Record.” These are super-authentic “confessions” from our thought leaders and mentors about their own fears, failures and f-ups. We’ve ALL had them. The goal is to squash the need for perfectionism, and there’s no better way than to learn from women you respect who have failed forward. I record one monthly (yeah, I mess up a lot).

Live management training sessions. From call coaching to performance 1:1’s and time management hacks for sales leaders, the live classes take the eLearning to the next level and let us share with our peers. Things that work, that don’t, that frustrate us, and inspire us. ALWAYS my favorite hour of the week is meeting with this positive super-charged group of women and men (our mentors join too!).

Mentorship. Each year we get volunteer sales leaders who spend 1-3 hours / month for six months paying it forward. That alone is enough to put mentorship on my top three list. Think of it: 100 Sales Directors, VP’s, even C-level men and women who give their most precious resource to help the next generation. Gives me all the feels!

The women of #GirlsClub are truly the next generation of sales leadership. And one promotion at a time, we’re changing the face of sales! In fact, please allow me to brag on a few recent grads:

Whether you mentor, advocate for someone, or apply yourself, I look forward to getting to know you, your story, your dreams and working hard alongside you and your mentor to make them happen.

So get off those hands ladies and raise them high! Apply today!