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Now Accepting Applications for Sales Management Development Program

Have you heard? Last week during AA-ISP’s Leadership Summit in Chicago, we announced that we are accepting applications for our next sales management development program, kicking off this September.

If you are an aspiring manager or new to sales management, then #GirlsClub is for you. The program is nine months of online training where we focus on a specific skill each month, like call coaching, pipeline management, and conducting 1:1’s. We match you with a qualified mentor who’ll support you, guide you, and challenge you throughout the program. You also get access to our exclusive community and thought leaders through the #GirlsClub Slack channel and access to webinars and other content created just for you.

When we launched this last year, we were so impressed with how MarketSource handled the selection process. It was a blind selection with names removed from the application so that the process could be done without unintentional bias.  We asked if they would be willing to share their process so that other organizations could benefit from an already outlined selection process that proved to be very successful for MarketSource. Read on as Ben Simms, VP of Client Services, shared their experience as they selected a protege for #GirlClub.


At the 2018 AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Chicago I watched Lauren Bailey give a presentation where she shared that the percentage of women in sales leadership roles has not changed in the past 10 years and that didn’t sit right with me.

The percentage of women in sales leadership roles has not changed in the past 10 years.

When she announced the #GirlsClub initiative I couldn’t wait to get MarketSource involved. When I returned home, we decided to come up with a process to identify the right participant versus just having me pick someone. This was a wise move because the person that was selected to participate is the most appreciative and active participant in #GirlsClub.

Every year MarketSource conducts 9-box exercises from individual contributors all the way up to senior leadership. This allows us to identify high potential employees that need more attention for development into future roles. From that list we identified 8 women who were either new managers promoted in the past year or were on the verge of promotion. We sent them an application form to submit which included several questions like why they want to participate, what objectives to they hope to achieve, what are their career goals for the next five years, what are their leadership strengths, what are their opportunities for improvement, etc.

Once the forms were submitted a diverse group of managers from Human Resources, Learning and Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Client Services (myself) read the applications over a weekend and then met to discuss our choice to participate. The applications were telling. You could tell who put in the time and effort to be considered. Some of the women who are recognized as strong leaders didn’t put much effort into the application while some put lots of effort. As a group we selected Julia Bourne who was recently promoted to sales manager. She has fully embraced #GirlsClub.

The applications were telling. You could tell who put in the time and effort to be considered.

Since the program started, she has given her best effort to participate. She has scheduled one on one meetings with me to keep me updated on what she is learning. She has networked with other female leaders and grown her own confidence. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the selection process and having Julia participate.


Julia has been a start throughout the program and we’re honored to have her as part of #GirlsClub. There’s no doubt that Julia embraced the opportunity through #GirlsClub and has already had an impact on her career. We can’t wait to see the amazing things that Julia has yet to accomplish in the years to come.

The only thing missing from our community is you! Join us to stay up-to-date with #GirlsClub event and announcements.

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